My secret project or How I tried to make my city a bit more amazing


I should have post this a long time ago, to be exact in May.

For my Portfolio and because I always wanted to do that I tried my first but hopefully not the last yarn bombing in Leipzig.

My idea was to make the city a bit more colourful and brighter. Near my flat are many construction zones and scaffoldings, so there is much grey around me. And to be honest – I like every colour but grey isn’t my favourite one. I thought about what I could make and I decided to crochet drops in different colours an arrange them at a scaffolding. So I crocheted about 30 drops in different bright colours and attached them to a invisible thread.

Then I brought it to the scaffolding near the place I live and knotted it on.


What might sound so easy took many hours of hard work and patience. But I’m proud I finished it.

But unfortunately one day later it didn’t hang there anymore….


Here are some pictures.

I hope you like and maybe share it 🙂



crochet drops guerillia knitting

urban crocheting

me under my yarnbombing



I’m so busy these days.
I did lot of stuff for my portfolio because I have to hand it in on Thursday.
I promise that I’ll tell you something more about it when I’ve time.

So here is a sneak peak for you…

In letzter zeit bin ich so beschäftigt.
Ich habe sehr viel an meiner Mappe gearbeitet, denn ich muss sie am Donnerstag abgeben.
Ich verspreche, dass ich mehr darüber erzähle und zeige, wenn ich wieder Zeit habe.

Aber hier ist schonmal ein kleiner Einblick…