How to make a needle felted I-Love-Crochet-Brooch

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Are you a passionate crocheter? Than this brooch is a must-have! And I have good news for knitters too – you can change it a little to suit it for your hobby!

The funniest thing is: you don’t have to crochet or knit to make it. I combined needle felting with some kind of carving.

You need:

  • felting wool
  • soft yarn
  • felting needle
  • toothpick
  • sharp knife
  • glue
  • brooch needle

Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the crochet hook / knitting needle. Take a toothpick and cut it halfway through and then cut in a flat angle from one side to the first cut. When you are satisfied with the shape of the hook chop the toothpick a few milimetres behind and use the knife to rounden the top. Then sharpen the lower end of your self-made crochet hook.

MTo make knitting needles is even easier: take a toothpick and cut it halbf, then sharpen the cutted end.

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Take some felting wool, depending on the size of your brooch, form it to a hemisphere and stab it with the felting needle until it becomes tighter and tighter. Keep in mind that your object ‘ll shrink while felting.

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When the felted hemisphere is pretty tight you can start to apply yarn strands. Cut them a bit longer so that they reach the flat side. Lay the strand on your felted object and stab it a little bit on the top. Fold the ends arround the corner and stab the yarn until it’s firmly felted.

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Repeat this procedure with all other yarn strands and place them in different directions to make it look like a ball of wool. When the whole hemisphere is covered with yarn stab between all the strands to shape it more realistic.

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Now it’s time to take your prepaired crochet hook (or knitting needles), cover the spiky end with glue, poke it into the body of the brooch and let it dry.

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You want the ulitimative cuteness for your brooch? Add a heart!
Take a small strand of red felting wool, shape it to a heart and stab it with the felting needle. It’s important that you don’t felt it to firmly to make it easier to apply it to the main part of the brooch. Place the heart on the ball of wool and stab with the needle through the heart until it’s firmly attached.

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The last step to finish your brooch is to apply a brooch needle on the back with some glue.

Foto 7fghjk


Now you can proudly wear it ❤

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I hope you like the brooch!

If you make your own please share it with me here, on facebook or insatgram! I would love to see yours!

It’s my first pattern which includes felting. I hope you are able to understand the instructions to make your own. If you have some questions or criticism please write me!!

Thanks for reading ❤


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you! 🙂

When I thought about a quick and small present for my family I remembered a incredibly cute kitty planter which I’ve seen some time ago on Pinterest (here the link to the page for the DIY So I decided to use some old plastic bottles and make some sweet bunny planters by myself.

It’s a preetty quick project. You just have to mark the shape on the bottle, cut it and spray it with white paint. Let it dry and then use a permanent marker to draw a cute face on the front 🙂

I bought some sea pink flowers and plant it in the flower pots.


DIY bunny planters from old plastic bottles

I hope you like it!

bye ❤

Between the years

I wish you a belated merry Christmas!
The time between the years is for me mostly one thing – free time. After a long while I have enough time for crochet. Because I’m really unpunctual I’m still working on Christmas presents…I’m still working on the tank slippers (pattern by Miligurumis) and on a cover for a really unsightly stool with Granny Squares (pattern in simply crochet 5/2013).

I just wish you a nice remaining year! 😉


Erstmal nachträglich ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest!
Die Zeit zwischen den Jahren ist für mich vor allem eins – Freizeit. Endlich habe ich wieder Zeit fürs Häkeln. Weil ich immer unpünktlich und verplant bin arbeite ich noch an Weihnachtsgeschenken…so z.B. Der Panzerhausschuh (nach der Anleitung von Miligurumis) und ein Bezug für einen echt unansehnlichen Hocker aus Granny Squares (nach der Anleitung aus Simply Häkeln 5/2013).

Also, erstmal noch ein schönes restliches Jahr! 😉

Here I am

I thought a long time about having a blog as I thought about doing other things. But now I’m just starting this because it’s good to delete something from this long list.

I just want to share things I’m working on, which I see or which inspire me.

I think about 80% of the posts will be about crocheting because it’s my favourit hobby. But you will also find other themes like drawing, art, design, bookbinding, paper, DIY, arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, jewellery…

My first little projekt I want to share is a tiny penguin. I made him (like many other crochet projcts) when I drive by train to work. I hope you like him at least as much as I do 🙂

To reach more people I write the posts in German and in English – sorry for some mistakes, I do my best.

I hope you enjoy reading and I have enough time to write often!

If you’re interested what I did befor you are invited to visit my facebook page 🙂

or follow me via Instagram or Pinterest.



Bye 😀


So…ich habe ja schon lange überlegt einen Blog zu führen, genauso wie ich schon viele andere Dinge lange überlege. Doch jetzt fang ich einfach an,  denn es tut gut, ein paar Dinge von der Liste streichen zu können.

Ich möchte hier einfach Sachen teilen, an denen ich selbst arbeite, die mir auffallen oder mich begeistern – und daon gibt es reichlich!

Wahrscheinlich dreht sich hier ca. 80% ums Häkeln, denn das ist nun mal mein Hobby Nr.1. Aber auch andere Sachen, wie Zeichnen, Kunst, Design, Buchbinden, Balsteln, Selbermachen, Papier, Stricken, Schmuck, Nähen und noch vieles mehr wird hier immer mal wieder in auftauchen.

Als erstes kleines Projekt, welches ich zeigen möchte, ist mein kleiner Pinguin. Ein winziges Häkelprojekt, das (wie so viele) im Zug zur Arbeit entstsanden ist. Ich hoffe, ihr findet ihn (oder sie?) genauso sympatisch wie ich 🙂

Um einfach mehr Menschen zu erreichen und da das Bloggen in Deutschland noch nicht so sehr verbreitet ist wie in anderen Länder, werde ich einfach alle Posts auch in Englisch schreiben. Bitte vergebt mir also eventuelle Grammatikfehler – ich tue mein bestes 😉

Also ich hoffe jemand findet Spaß an Lesen und ich Zeit um regelmäßig zu schreiben!

Wen interessiert, was ich bisher so gemacht habe, kann einfach mal bei meiner Facebookseite vorbeischauen 🙂

oder folgt mit auf Instagram oder Pinterest