2015 Goals and Inspiration

The new year is already 2 weeks old but now I’m really arrived in 2015.

The last week was very inspiring for me. I set some goals for the year ahead and started to work on some of them.

I wanna share my goals with you – so they become more real and I’m much more forced to achieve them 🙂


My goals:

– improve my

  • sewing
  • knitting
  • english (for university and (of course) this blog)
  • photography skills

– learn how to do

  • macrame
  • screen printing
  • tatting (you will see why when you read further)

– understand how it is possible to make photos (where actually a picture appeares) with my Polaroid camera

– blog regularly

– draw more often

– travel to places I haven’t visited yet and explore them with people who live there

– eat more healthy food

– make more sport (I already started making Yoga and I LOVE it!)

– pass my exams

– extend my knowledge about art, craft, education, photography, nature, geography …

– learn a new language

– start my own small business

– be thankful for everything I already have

Foto 4

I’m feeling very inspired at the moment. This belongs mainly to a purchase I made lately: I decided to buy the digital version of Mollie Makes Blogging. I don’t want to advertise but I just started reading it and I love it! The content is very inspiring and helpful and I’m nearly sure it will make me a better blogger – not over night but I will keep the tons of advices in mind.

To help you to be a bit more inspired I like to share some of my favourite blogs with you and I’m incredibly excited about your favourite ones – please link them in the comments!

Here is my list:

A Beautiful Mess


Attic 24

The Crafted Life

One Sheepish Girl


Gemacht mit Liebe (german)

A Creative Being

Little Things Blogged

and of course the blogs from Etsy, DaWanda, Handmadekultur (german) and Mollie Makes.

I bought/got some other inspiring things, too. I bought two books – one is about modern art and the other about drawing and I enjoy reading them incredibly much! and I foud a nice craft book from 1971 on the flea market which explains lots of craft basics. The last thing is the most precious to me – its an doily my grandgrandma made and my grandma gave to me. The technique which was used to make it is called tatting. I love this doily so much! It’s so delicate and fucking (excuse me) beautiful – a real piece of art!!

inspirational things






I hope it was okay for you that I used the wor ‘inspiring’ very often 🙂

I would love it if you share blogs/things which you inspire with me!



Creative chaos


Ahh…I decided to begin a portfolio for university. Therefore I established an inspiration basecamp in my living room…


Ahhh…Ich habe mich dazu entschieden, eine Mappe fürs Studium anzufangen. Dazu habe ich mich in ein kreatives Chaos gestürzt und ein Inspirationsbasislager in meinem Wohnzimmer eingerichtet…

Here I am

I thought a long time about having a blog as I thought about doing other things. But now I’m just starting this because it’s good to delete something from this long list.

I just want to share things I’m working on, which I see or which inspire me.

I think about 80% of the posts will be about crocheting because it’s my favourit hobby. But you will also find other themes like drawing, art, design, bookbinding, paper, DIY, arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, jewellery…

My first little projekt I want to share is a tiny penguin. I made him (like many other crochet projcts) when I drive by train to work. I hope you like him at least as much as I do 🙂

To reach more people I write the posts in German and in English – sorry for some mistakes, I do my best.

I hope you enjoy reading and I have enough time to write often!

If you’re interested what I did befor you are invited to visit my facebook page 🙂


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Bye 😀


So…ich habe ja schon lange überlegt einen Blog zu führen, genauso wie ich schon viele andere Dinge lange überlege. Doch jetzt fang ich einfach an,  denn es tut gut, ein paar Dinge von der Liste streichen zu können.

Ich möchte hier einfach Sachen teilen, an denen ich selbst arbeite, die mir auffallen oder mich begeistern – und daon gibt es reichlich!

Wahrscheinlich dreht sich hier ca. 80% ums Häkeln, denn das ist nun mal mein Hobby Nr.1. Aber auch andere Sachen, wie Zeichnen, Kunst, Design, Buchbinden, Balsteln, Selbermachen, Papier, Stricken, Schmuck, Nähen und noch vieles mehr wird hier immer mal wieder in auftauchen.

Als erstes kleines Projekt, welches ich zeigen möchte, ist mein kleiner Pinguin. Ein winziges Häkelprojekt, das (wie so viele) im Zug zur Arbeit entstsanden ist. Ich hoffe, ihr findet ihn (oder sie?) genauso sympatisch wie ich 🙂

Um einfach mehr Menschen zu erreichen und da das Bloggen in Deutschland noch nicht so sehr verbreitet ist wie in anderen Länder, werde ich einfach alle Posts auch in Englisch schreiben. Bitte vergebt mir also eventuelle Grammatikfehler – ich tue mein bestes 😉

Also ich hoffe jemand findet Spaß an Lesen und ich Zeit um regelmäßig zu schreiben!

Wen interessiert, was ich bisher so gemacht habe, kann einfach mal bei meiner Facebookseite vorbeischauen 🙂


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