How to make a needle felted I-Love-Crochet-Brooch

Foto 13dfgh

Are you a passionate crocheter? Than this brooch is a must-have! And I have good news for knitters too – you can change it a little to suit it for your hobby!

The funniest thing is: you don’t have to crochet or knit to make it. I combined needle felting with some kind of carving.

You need:

  • felting wool
  • soft yarn
  • felting needle
  • toothpick
  • sharp knife
  • glue
  • brooch needle

Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the crochet hook / knitting needle. Take a toothpick and cut it halfway through and then cut in a flat angle from one side to the first cut. When you are satisfied with the shape of the hook chop the toothpick a few milimetres behind and use the knife to rounden the top. Then sharpen the lower end of your self-made crochet hook.

MTo make knitting needles is even easier: take a toothpick and cut it halbf, then sharpen the cutted end.

Foto 2fghkj

Take some felting wool, depending on the size of your brooch, form it to a hemisphere and stab it with the felting needle until it becomes tighter and tighter. Keep in mind that your object ‘ll shrink while felting.

Foto 3ghjk

Foto 4dfgh

When the felted hemisphere is pretty tight you can start to apply yarn strands. Cut them a bit longer so that they reach the flat side. Lay the strand on your felted object and stab it a little bit on the top. Fold the ends arround the corner and stab the yarn until it’s firmly felted.

Foto 5dfguh

Foto 14dfgh

Repeat this procedure with all other yarn strands and place them in different directions to make it look like a ball of wool. When the whole hemisphere is covered with yarn stab between all the strands to shape it more realistic.

Foto 16fgh

Now it’s time to take your prepaired crochet hook (or knitting needles), cover the spiky end with glue, poke it into the body of the brooch and let it dry.

Foto 17dfgh

You want the ulitimative cuteness for your brooch? Add a heart!
Take a small strand of red felting wool, shape it to a heart and stab it with the felting needle. It’s important that you don’t felt it to firmly to make it easier to apply it to the main part of the brooch. Place the heart on the ball of wool and stab with the needle through the heart until it’s firmly attached.

Foto 18sdfgh

The last step to finish your brooch is to apply a brooch needle on the back with some glue.

Foto 7fghjk


Now you can proudly wear it ❤

Foto 12fghj

I hope you like the brooch!

If you make your own please share it with me here, on facebook or insatgram! I would love to see yours!

It’s my first pattern which includes felting. I hope you are able to understand the instructions to make your own. If you have some questions or criticism please write me!!

Thanks for reading ❤


Heart Bomb in Leipzig

I decided pretty spontaneously to participate in the One Sheepish Girl annual heart bomb

You can find the instructions on her website, it’s simple but effective!

Make a heart (you can find ideas & instructions here or you use my crochet pattern) , attach a little note ‘You are loved’ or something like this and the hashtag #sheepishheartbomb & distribute the hearts wherever you want!


I used my own crochet heart pattern. It’s pretty easy (US terms):

Make a magic ring.

Ch 4,

dtc, 2 tr, 3 dc,

ch 3 sc in first ch,

3dc, 2 tr, dtc,

ch 3

Tighten the center of the heart. Join the ch 3 in the center of the heart with a slip stitch.

Bind off and cut (but not to short).


I left the hearts near my flat in Leipzig – at the supermarket’s door, at a church, near the theatre, at a S/M bar, in the tram, in the climbing gim … but see yourself!

It was so much fun!!! ❤

Magazine Review – HANDMADE Kultur

DSC_0141HANDMADE Kultur is  a combination of a wonderful German magazine   and an internet community. I think it’s very clever to combine these two things. On the website you can find incredibly many DIY projects shared by creative bloggers. You can also find dates for DIY workshops and markets and DIY supply shops (mostly in the german-speaking area).

I really like the fact that you can look for blogs in different categories or for the DIY patterns. It’s a great opportunity for crafters to share there work in the community.

There is also a connection between the magazine and the online community. The first category in the magazine is ‘Little Things’ where they share the most interesting DIY projects from the online blogger community.

The content is a very good mix of various craft techniques as sewing, knitting, crocheting, bookbinding, recipies and much more depending on the issue. When I browsed through the current issue (nr.1 2015 frebruary – april) I noticed that I have to approve my sewing skills urgently, because it features some great sewing projects, like a parka and a camera bag.


I like that Handmade Kultur often features old crafts – in this issue lace-making and glas crafting. There are also interesting articles about crafters, artists, new trends, books …

And last but not least my favourite article – a DIY-Tour through Stockholm! Is there anything better than to combine DIY and travelling? I love it! In an earlier issue they feature a tour through Barcelona and I become so inspired and definitely want to go there and visit the great DIY-shops, f.e. DuDua.


Finally I can say it’s a great and varied craft magazine and – if you speak German – it’s absolutely worth reading!

You can find my blog there as well and I plan to publish my DIY patterns there – in German.




DIY braided crochet headband

Here in Germany the winter is still cold and snowy so I made a braided headband. I saw them everywhere in the city (but mostly knitted) and so I decided to try a crocheted one.

braided crochet headband


braided headband

It’s pretty simple to make.

Needed crochet skills: chain, single crochet

You need:

  • yarn
  • crochet hook (which fits your yarn)
  • darning needle (which fits your yarn)

So let’s get started!

Chain 10.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch*, repeat from* until the end of the row, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sc in next 1-ch-space, *ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next 1-ch-space*, repeat from * until last sc, sc in last sc, turn.

Row 3: ch 1, sc in 1st sc, *ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next 1-chain space*, repeat from * until last 2 stitches, ch 1, skip next sc, sc in last sc, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the band is long enough to fit loosely around you head.

Crochet 2 more strands.braided headband

Then it’s time to sew them together.

Sew the 3 ends together so that they overlap a little bit. This makes braiding easier.

Braid your 3 strands, but not to tight otherwise the strands would become wrinkly.

The last step is to sew the other ends togeter and then sew the both already sewn edges together.


Now you can proudly wear it! ❤

If there are questions/mistakes in my pattern or improvement suggestions please write me!

I hope you like it!

I can’t wait to see your finished earrings -please share them with me here, on facebook or instagram!

braided crochet headband

braided headband

braided headband

Long time no type

I really have to apologize…I didn’t write for a long time. But I was quite busy the past few weeks. I had my final exams of my apprenticeship. But I think I passed it pretty good.
Now I have a bit more time to care about my hobbies.

I also have to tell you some thing about my ‘secret project’ I made a few month ago. But later…


Today I want to show you a small finished project of mine. I made a crocheted cover for my bicycle bell.
I can’t tell you the pattern but I want to give you a bit of a instruction.


1. I started to crochet the cover for the bell with white yarn. I started with a magic ring and 6 sc in it. In the next rows I increased like usual for crocheting a circle (increase 6 sc a row) until it was as big as the diameter of the bell. Then I stopped increasing and left a little hole for the bell push, if you can call it a bell push on a bicycle bell…


crocheted bell cover


2. I looked in my book ‘100 flowers to knit and crochet’ for a proper flower. I chose a pretty big one and crocheted it with colors which are fitting to my bike.

But you can use every flower you want.


crocheted flower


3. When I finished the flower I left over a bit of yarn to sew it to cover and tadaaa – finished!


finshed bicycle bell cover

Now ride around proud on your pretty bike! 🙂

I hope you like it!
And I promise that the next blog posts not so far away…stay curious 😛
If you want to get more fluent information look at my Facebook page heartmadehandmade 😉

I’m so exited …

… I just can’t hide it!

Usually I’m not the person who buys stuff in the internet but in the last weeks I acquiered the taste.

I bought some nice things for Christmas and last week I ordered a book about japanese bookbinding.

And now I ordered a set of bamboo crochet hooks with a nice case of fabric. Just the things for me when I’m on the road. (picture 1)

Because that’s not enough for me I also ordered a set of tunesian crochet hooks. I saw so pretty things made with this technique that I decided to learn ist. (picture 2)

I can’t wait for the package…when they arrive I’ll tell you more.


… I just can’t hide it!

Ich bin eigentlich nicht die Person, die viel im Internet bestellt, aber in den letzten Wochen bin ich ein bisschen auf den Geschmack gekommen.

Zu Weihnachten habe ich schon ein paar schöne Sachen bestellt und letzte Woche dann ein Buch über japanische Buchbindungen – sehr zu empfehlen!

Und nun habe ich mir ein Bambus Häkelnadelset mit 16 Nadeln von 2-12mm bestellt. Dazu gibt es eine schöne Tasche mit Muster. Genau das Richtige für unterwegs!


Weil das für mich und meinen Häkeleifer noch nicht genug ist, habe ich mir noch ein Set tunesische Häkelnadeln bestellt. Immer wieder sehe ich so schöne Muster und Anleitungen, doch bisher habe ich noch nicht gelernt tunesisch zu häkeln. Wenn das Paket ankommt, wird das sofort geändert!


Ich warte schon ganz ungeduldig…wenn die Nadeln da sind, berichte ich natürlich weiter und bin noch besser auf all meine Ideen vorbereitet.

Liebe Grüße


Busy boredom

How is this possible? Every time I think I would have more time I don’t succeed in anything I want.
I wanted to crochet so much and to deal with so many things. But I spend
my time with thousands of other things.
Maybe it’s not to late for a good resolution: I want to succeed more!

I wish you beautiful first-snow-days!


Wie kommt das nur immer? In Zeiten, von denen man denkt, man hätte mehr Zeit, schafft man nichts von dem was man sich vorgenommen hat.
Ich wollte so viel häkeln und mich mit so vielen Sachen beschäftigen, doch ich verbringe meine Zeit mit tausend anderen Dingen.
Vielleicht ist es noch nicht zu spät für einen guten Vorsatz: ich möchte mehr Dinge schaffen! Und das darf auch zweideutig gesehen werden!

Schöne erste Schneetage!