DIY customized boxes

I’m back! Yes I’m still alive…my first months of studying kept me busy.
It’s very exciting for me to start a new chapter of my life. At the beginning it was a bit exhausting but I enjoy it very much.
It’s time for celebration! I recently got more than 500 views here on my blog! I’m really happy about this ❤
So I want to share my first pattern with you to celebrate a little bit. I hope you’ll enjoy.
I changed a few things in my flat in the last weeks. I bought a new (and of course bigger!!) wardrobe. My old one had 2 drawers, but the new one hasn’t. So I needed something where I can put in the small stuff – socks and so on. I decided to buy some pretty cheap boxes and customized them a bit.

Here I want show you how it works:

  • You need:
    double sided adhesive tape
    spray paint
    disposable gloves
    a box

Let’s get started!

At first you have to cut your sheet of paper so that it’s as broad as the box to make sure you place the heart (or everything you want) in the middle. Then you fold it half and draw a half heart on one side of the fold.


Fold the sheet of paper and cut out the heart.


Now you have a perfectly symmetric heart stencil.


The next step is to place some double sided adhesive tape on one side of your stencil. Make sure that you place it close to the heart shape, because if not the spray paint is able to move under it.


Stick the stencil onto the box. Place it directly in the middle.

stencil on box

Now it’s time for spraying!
Please go outside when you spray and be careful with the spray paint. Preferably wear some disposable gloves and a breathing protection.
You have to put some paper above and beneath your stencil paper and also behind it if the box has holes (like mine). Take a spray paint in the colour you like and start spraying! Try to create an even paint application.


In the end you have to let the paint dry. Left the sprayed box outside for this.
It may take several hours until it’s completely dry an it doesn’t smell anymore.

When it’s try you’re free to place and fill the box wherever and with whatever you want!
Here You can see my boxes in my wardrobe.
I really love them!
I made one with a golden and the other with a lilac heart.

finished boxes

lilac heart box

golden heart box

I hope the pattern is helpful for you and you have fun creating your own customized box.
Please show me examples of your work when you’ve finished it.


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