Book of thoughts

About 2 weeks ago I filled up my notebook. It was really important for me during the last year. I wrote in it nearly everything I thought, liked and wanted to be remembered of. In the end it was full of notes, sketches, crocheting patterns, ideas, to do lists – full of thoughts.
I really came to appreciate to have always a notebook in my bag. It’s good to know that you have something near you where you can write down what you’re thinking. It helped me incredibly much.
When it was full I knew that I needed a new one – quickly!
So I made this one last week:

handmade notebook

It’s in an A5 format to fit perfectly in my every day bag.
I tried a new method when I made the book case. I glued some thread on the board before I covered it with linen. When I covered it I pressed it in with foam rubber to form the shape of the letters.


From now on it’s my daily companion.

I hope you like it.

What relation do you have to notebooks?

Have a nice day ❤️


3 thoughts on “Book of thoughts

  1. Even I need a notebook and a pen in my bag wherever I go. Somehow it makes me feel complete!
    And I loved the way you used thread to write ‘thoughts’. I am also going to try and make one 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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